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NLP Principles™

An internationally accredited human behaviour training & business consultancy.

NLP Principles™ offers  We provide advanced learning training experiences and professional coaching programmes that focus on the difference that makes the difference, behaviour change. These experiences, which include Masterclasses, Workshops and Internationally Certified Courses, involve leading-edge learning techniques and world class human behaviour psychology knowledge - all coupled with true real-world experience of what we share with you.

Groombridge Group Publications

Books we have published

Succeed in Business with NLP Principles

A step-by-step guide to mastering business using human behaviour and psychology to get an unfair advantage. 2024 Release: OUT NOW!

Become an NLP Practitioner with NLP Principles

The complete Neuro Linguistic Programming syllabus and step-by-step guide to mastering NLP techniques.

Get Resilience: Let's Do It!

7 Steps for a Cool, Calm and Collected You.
AVAILABLE NOW on paperback or Kindle.

Lucid Thrive Plan

How to get clear on what you want, master you mindset & reverse engineer success.
AVAILABLE NOW on hardcover or Kindle.

Partnerships & Ventures

"We look for people and companies that are interested in the concept of co-elevation. A concept where opportunities are not only mission aligned but also provide a commitment to each other to go beyond just collaboration, there's an active desire to help each other elevate for maximum positive impact"

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